Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Apologies for the lack of blogs of late blog-readers!

I am working as swine flu co-ordinator for NHS Plymouth which as you can imagine is a very busy job! On a lighter and brighter note, I am heading to Borneo for 3 months, leaving January 31st 2010, to undertake a Raleigh expedition.

In Borneo I will help build a gravity-fed water supply system for a community and take part in the fantastic marine conservation and wildlife protection work out there. In order to do this voluntary work, I must raise £2000 for the Raleigh charity. This does not go towards my trip, but towards Raleigh's work as an organisation, which includes sustainable environmental work in Borneo, Costa Rica and India, as well as work with 'at risk' young people in the UK.

Please feel free to find out more and help me towards my fundraising target at

Thank you! ;)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Guardian Graduate Recruitment Fair

Oh no! My hunger for green jobs remained just that at the careers fair in Islington yesterday. Law, finance and marketing are all useful things that could potentially lead to a career in sustainability, but there were no eco-based companies there at all (big sad face). I went along to a media talk at 3.30pm, which is one of the careers I am greatly interested in (especially environmental journalism), particularly as one of the speakers worked for 'Econsultancy'. Lo and behold...Econsultancy refers to online media, and has nothing to do with eco stuff. However, my big green eyes were slightly excited by the realisation that digital marketing is becoming increasingly relevant and experience in this area would help in sustainable communications. Watch this space!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Little mid-week tip: Click a Tree!

'Climate Action', a European organisation, is uniting people who care about the environment across Europe, whilst raising awareness about climate change. They had the bright idea of encouraging people to plant trees by posting them to those who sign up (do it, it's free!) and encouraging them to share a photo of their tree online. The website itself is fabulous and even has useful links to things like European Climate Change Policy.

Take a look here: and see South Devon on the map if you want to see me planting my little tree!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to the first ever eco chic blog! Brought to you by the creator of the Green Waves radio show and eco-chic extraordinaire, Miss Rosie Helson.
What follows will be an eclectic mix of sexy sustainability suggestions, excellent environmental events and, of course, the very latest in gorgeously green gossip.

This first blog is, in essence, a note of thanks. I am grateful to We Are What We Do for introducing me to blogging in their London offices in August 2009 (see and for recently sending me copies of their diaries as part of their fifth birthday celebrations. They have a brand spanking new website, which is, like their diaries, bursting at the seams with amazing environmental and social change actions. Have a gander!