Tuesday, 23 February 2016


"Stop the melt before it's too late!"

Writing this whilst enjoying a free tub of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk in Singapore's 313 Somerset! I just successfully completed a quiz on the global climate, air con, and Antarctica at the #up2degrees climate change event, and ice cream was my prize :D :P

A couple of question examples are below, and as you can see, they are fairly difficult. 

Another read 'According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, world temperatures could rise between 0.3°C and 4.8°C this century. In Southeast Asia, they could rise between:

a) 0.3°C and 1.8°C
b) 1.8°C and 3°C
c) 3°C and 5°C’

Want to know the answers? 

Sadly the answer to both questions is answer C. 

The campaign is all about getting Singapore residents to turn their air conditioning up by just two degrees celcius, to reduce energy use thereby reducing carbon emissions contributing to global warming. Air con is the largest emissions culprit in Singapore. Oh and doing that will save you money too. Pretty cool eh?

Sandra Marichal, who was dressed as a penguin at the event (no small feet - pa ha ha), is campaigning for climate change action in Singapore while preparing for a big expedition to Antarctica (the world’s natural air con system) with polar explorer Robert Swan and the 2041 Foundation. Ben and Jerry's are a sponsor – hence the ice cream ;)

If you want to check out what's going on, you can visit the up2degrees Facebook page and even make a small donation here on Sandra's fundraising site if you'd like to contribute to this fantastic campaign. Sandra will be tweeting live updates using #up2degrees throughout the expedition 13 – 25th March 2016.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Strip for Bees!

Have you heard the buzz? Check out #StripSavesBees
on Twitter and here on the Strip Facebook page. Click on the image above to enlarge.

Upon arriving in Singapore, female expats quickly realise that they will be bearing their bikini bodies about 99% more frequently than in previous years in their largely cold, dark, rainy countries.

Fresh off the boat and having already attended multiple pool and beach parties, it takes about a fortnight before they will begin asking around for a trusted waxing salon. It’s usually not long before they discover Strip.

I have long praised Strip for its truly unique style of branding. A quick look at their website will tell you that they are not like other beauty salons.

Focusing purely on waxing and IPL treatments, Strip staff have become absolute experts in quick and clean hair removal, and the sheer numbers of expat and local women (and men) alike who walk through their doors is testament to that.

Strip salons are cool. They make you feel like you are walking into a funky house party or pop-up store, yet they are obsessed with hygiene, and are nothing but professional.

However, their most recent campaign is the most impressive one.

‘Save the Queen’ is all about Strip’s efforts in bee conservation and is part of their corporate sustainability strategy, which makes a lot of sense as they use bees wax in their services.

The staff were more than happy to let me take photos of the campaign area and posters, and made a real effort to tell me about the campaign, whilst wearing cute bee hair clips in their hair!

In the ‘Bee surprised’ area of the salon, customers who spend over $100 can take a small scroll from a pretend hive, which will tell them what they’ve won.

The campaign colour scheme, positioning, comedic use of bee/wings/insect-related phrases, and clever balance of facts and calls to action, are all rather admirable.

This is a clever way to engage customers who might not naturally gravitate towards sustainable actions. Not to mention that they are selling sustainably-sourced bee products to raise funds, and are hosting bee-friendly roadshows and farmers markets!  Go Strip!