Thursday, 30 May 2013


One of my 'must do's during my time here in Australia was to learn more about the indigenous population; their fascinating history as well as what the current situation is.

Thank you to Jacqueline Minney for helping me achieve this. I interviewed Jacqueline, a Yamatji Malgana woman from Western Australia and Director of consultancy Opportunities Without Boundaries, to help produce my most recent article for Ethical Corporation on indigenous talent.

The work that is being done is great, but many improvements can still be made and it is events like National Reconciliation Week (this week!) highlight that.

If you enjoy reading the above article, then rest assured there is a 'part 2', including input from another indigenous employment expert, to be published on Ethical Corp trĂ©s soon.

Image above from Australian Geographic.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sassy & Bide

Australian label Sass & Bide are sassy today. They are engaging in inclusive business activities in Nairobi, having joined the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative.  The Initiative seeks to provide fashion supply chain workers with fair wages, training and ultimately sustainable employment enabling an enhancement of quality of life.

For luxury fashion brands, ethical production is certainly achievable. In the wake of disastrously fatal factory fires/collapses in Bangladesh, the hope is that more of the high street fashion labels will take action and not only the likes of Stella McCartney and Sass & Bide. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Making good use of the things that we find

(/are given)...

Whilst wombling around the place t'other day my neighbour bestowed on me a ripe ol' bundle of limes fresh from his tree- he simply had too many!

"Well, we can't let those go to waste", said I. And thus it began...would you believe that those very limes became lime marmalade and a lime and pistachio cake?

Oh and of course a few slices went very nicely with Coronas/white wine sangria. Living like the wonderful people at #growitlocal who fed TEDx Sydney yesterday.

I once came up with a new idea for a We Are What We Do Action, and I think this illustrates it beautifully: 'make too much of something'. In this case it is 'grow too much of something'- that way, you will have to share your fruitful delights! I did in the end make 'too much' lime and pistachio cake, which enabled the feeding of many, many hungry bellies.

That is the end of this short tale.