Monday, 13 August 2012

The Big O: Who comes first?

Wow. I mean- WOW!

You mean... that’s it?

Well, how was it for you? was...energetic, euphoric and...ELECTRIC!

For those who hadn’t yet cottoned on- I am talking about the Olympics, people, the OLYMPICS! Nothing Fifty Shades going on here.

Yes, although the Spice Girls reunion last night did soften the blow, everything has come to a climactic end and, it’s over. Phew. What now?

There is a constant stream of news articles quoting Seb Coe, Boris, even our dear old David Cameron, all of them saying one thing. We must act fast to ride on the back of the post-Olympic euphoria and use it to its maximum potential to promote social good, before it fades out.

But who comes first? Women in sport, those uninspired by or unable to take part in sport, or young people. What about using sport to address issues like homophobia and racism? The answer is, all of the above should be tackled, and more. There is no end to the good things that sport can bring- social cohesion, promoting multicultural harmony, helping keep people fit and healthy, reducing heart disease and obesity rates.

If there’s one thing London 2012 gave us it is a new awareness of strong, empowered women. Jessica Ennis and Nicola Adams, to name but a couple, are naturally becoming heroines of the sporting world and with that, role models.

Our beloved Mo is also a role model. In fact, they all are! All of these athletes are in the spotlight and will be for a few more weeks- I just hope Mo uses his signature ‘m’ move (aka the Mobot) to represent “kids, do MORE sport” and not Maccy D’s...

The venues, the athletes, the atmosphere. All of these can be utilised to affect our nation in a positive way for generations to come. Of course, a lot of the changes are already taking place and the big ‘O’ may just be the push needed to take some of these activities to the next level. Just one example- Stylist’s Fair Game Campaign to promote women in sport is making headway and getting great recognition (you can help by signing the petition too).

With ticket sales currently soaring for the upcoming Paralympics, the national excitement is set to increase again. It just needs to be harnessed to create longer-lasting impacts and a fantastic Olympic legacy.  

It’s been good. Now let’s make it great...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mainstreaming Ethical Fashion

Two pieces of content today (I am nice like that, giving options and choices and that):

1. Here is my two pennies worth on mainstreaming ethical fashion.

2. And here is a shameless plug about The Briefing:
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Happy Wednesday!