Sunday, 29 April 2012

Run Run Run

Inspired, in part, by the London Marathon 2012, I am running the Bupa London 10km on May 27th with my sister. We are running for Cardiac Risk In The Young, in memory of my friend Marion.

Have a read of our page and if you can spare a dime, any donations are much appreciated!

Marion passed away whilst running along the beach of Reunion Island in April 2010 and is sorely missed. Having run 2 half marathons last year I feel very grateful I am able to do this.

Many thanks x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Big Mama

Mum's are rather fab and without them we wouldn't be here! The same goes for life-giving Mother Earth. Like we have Mother's Day, today is Earth Day.

If you weren't running the London Marathon (you probably will need this moment to stretch/bath/cup-of-tea-yourself silly and think about what an achievement you just completed), perhaps you can take a mini moment to think about the beautiful amalgamation of rock and ocean and biodiversity that was here before us, that puts up with us living on it and that we take for granted.