Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Strong Woman at the Helm

This is the woman who has just been named as the most powerful businessperson in Sweden 2014.

Her name is Helena Helmersson and she is...wait for it...

...a woman!

...Yes, wait you already knew that...OK, try again...she is...

...working for H&M!

...Yes, OK, and..?

AND...she is H&M's Chief SUSTAINABILITY Officer.

Phew. Oh my goodness, hurrah and hooray!
A CSO has been recognised as being not only important but integral to both business and society.

H&M, as a fast-fashion brand, is not perfect. However, much more of what is being done now to support the environment and labour along its supply chains is proactive rather than reactive. And as a well-known retail giant, being publicly proactive about sustainable business practices sends a strong message to competitors, consumers and investors that there is always more that can be done.

I like Helena because in this interview she states that she is a DOER and that's exactly what every corp needs at the helm of their integrated sustainability operations.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Language of Love

There are few languages in the world that are internationally spoken: a smile, love, mathematics and...code!

It is the Week of Code at Microsoft and we even have a celebrity video (starring me- in the chequered shirt and pony tail exactly 10 seconds in!) to prove that it is an uber cool thing to do.

Everyone can learn to code and The Maze is a good game to learn how.

If you still need proof,, Ashton Kutcher and Shakira can tell you just how cool it is.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

ErrMerrGerrd XO!

Drama drama drama- this is so fetch! And soooo XO[eco]!

...Did you know that now you can DO good and LOOK good AT THE SAME TIME?!


It seems like I am taking the Michael of our dear LC, but actually I love her (and want to be her a medium to high amount) and love the fact that she has twice now put her name and design skills behind something so cool. She has definitely moved on from her younger years on The Hills.

Her XO[eco] line with Blue Avocado comprises cute totes, lunch packs, travel and jewellery bags- all of which are both adorable AND washable!

The material is called Repreve- it is made from recycled plastic bottles. Repreve itself is a pretty dandy organisation too.

What's that LC? You designed these products for the 'every girl'? But I am an Every Girl! That's what I do! I need these sustainable lifestyle products. LOVE- ING - THEM. My fave is totes the bird print. What's yours?

Signing off: XO[eco]


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Reach your Peak!

The above image is an insight into what I will look like having reached the summit of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia in May 2014: exhausted and more cave-girl than corporate, yet amazed, inspired and empowered.

I am going to be sharing this Peaks Foundation challenge with 20 ambitious women: 10 from Singapore and 10 from a community centre in Indonesia.

If you would like to find out more, please visit my fundraising page here and give generously!