Thursday, 2 October 2014

Home Poem

Devon is a breed of heaven 
That much is true
But home is a haven
A base and a foundation

Magical and wondrous
In one day
Peregrine falcon, cormorant, robin, pheasant, barn owl
And that’s just the birds!

Blackberries and orchard apples
The way they were always meant to be

Lying on the grass
Reflecting on the past
Come back here to take stock
Report back to the mothership

Looking to what’s next
For now, time is still
Part of the calm

The rulers and roots of the mothership
Believe that everything you say and do
Is every kind of amazing

Even the sunshine invests in you
It kisses you and tells you to go forth and be exactly who you are

Even in the blanket of pitch darkness
The even darker silhouettes of magnificent trees 
That were once half the size
Are a comfort not a threat
They hug you and tell you that you can be proud

The silver thread 
Bonding my body to this nature 
Always there
Now grows incredibly strong and close once more
Sparkles like the intensity of the stars
If you just look up and out
Clarity like nothing else
I am tied
But more than happy to be
And I am welcomed in

Be restored by lying on a giant cloud overlooking the sea
A hideaway 
And a safe, cosy, sanctuary

Fresh air

A stroll around this healing place evokes visions of a spritely seven year old girl gallivanting in birthday treasure hunts with friends

A whiff of cut grass transports the soul to play time with siblings and cousins- rounders, cricket, football, cartwheels, hide and seek

The crunch of colours underfoot brings back memories of coastal walks followed by aga-side crumpets and all the cups of tea you could ever dream of, in big mugs of course

Fills the heart up again
I belong and I am connected
I am rich with peace

And I will go forth
And I will make you proud

A note:
Happy National Poetry Day! 
I was a little bit inspired by Larkin today on Radio 4.
I happen to be at home in Devon during my favourite time of the year in England.
The photos were taken today.
All of these things coalesced to create this poem.