Monday, 16 January 2012

The Climate Chat Supreme

Durban, Durban, Durban, DURBAN, DURBAN!

You’re safe from Jaws
But not safe from the claws
Of those angry climate whores*
Who scratch and climb inside
The minds of decision-makers
Alter their opinion
Tell them it’s all wrong
“Don’t bother with the long run”
-they say
But that was yesterday
Now there’s a new way
We’ve had COP-17
(not East 17)

“The Climate Chat Supreme”

They’ve chatted about the future
But still got to fight
For Earth’s rights
Never lose their sight
If they’re not careful
At any point
I might turn into
My Super Hero
Alter Ego
Bust into their post-COP goss
Having a gas?
Having a laugh?
Time to get down to business
Are you listening?
It’s no longer a bore
It’ll be against international law
To be a climate whore
But there’s a long way to go
So let’s go ho’s!

*In this poem, climate whores refer not to real people but fictional thought-invaders who push up against thoughts about climate change mitigation prioritisation.
Expressions are my own and are not affiliated with any organisation. My thoughts following Durban are positive overall! This is just a jokey way of showing that.