Saturday, 27 April 2013

Swapsies in Patagonia

Laura and I tagging up clothes as people came through the door

This Tuesday evening's swish went swimmingly well as hoards of people turned up to central Sydney to swap their fashion items, accessories and outdoor wear.

A fashionable way to save landfill space, clothes swapping events are also incredibly sociable. Over a glass of wine, people shared their clothing stories, which they wrote on tags attached to each item. Here are some interesting ones:

“This knows a lot of the bars and nightclubs of France”
A pre-loved Patagonia hat: "summited Denali in Alaska May 24 2011"
"Winter bag for the impending colder days"
 “This went to Colombia!”
“Too little for me L enjoy J !”
“Skirt from Boston”
“Bought and worn once. Deserves a better home x”
“From the Big Apple”
“Handmade dress found in the treasure troves of Sydney”
 “This has raced up Austrian mountains”

There was a gilet labelled as someone’s granpa’s favourite old top, a pair of trousers that had been up Everest and a cardigan labelled as “I met my husband wearing this!” These beautiful and inspiring stories added to the feeling that clothes are things that should be built to last and should be treasured. Of course, should you ever get bored of them, they can be swapped! 

 Making more tags for the incoming items: cream (fashion items), red (designer or new with tags), blue (outdoor wear)
Helen Spoor and Tom (Patagonia) spreading the good word of clothes swapping

Thank you to Patagonia for providing a great venue for the clothes swap. It was very handy to have an existing shop environment, rails, shelves and changing rooms to showcase the items! Thank you to Helen Spoor- the main organiser- and to my fellow ‘helper outers’ for doing a spiffing job.

There are a few more great images of the night out there on Becky’sblog and Bethan’s instagram.

Having a mingle and a browse

I came away with a lovely new (to me) skirt, which I can wear to work and which is also both smart and cool enough to wear to a jazz club this evening- perfect!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Swish Sydney Fashion

On the evening of Tuesday 23 April (this coming Tuesday), SWISHING hits Sydney!

Swishing, aka clothes swapping, is fast becoming the most attractive thing to be doing on a week night.

You know the date, now here are the details (also on the facebook page):

Location: Patagonia, 93 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Time: 6.30-9pm (clothes drop-off deadline 7pm)

What to bring: Bring up to 3 items of quality clothing. This includes fashion items, or adventure gear if you have any. Clothes include jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts (no tees). Accessories (bags, belts, scarfs, hats) and shoes also fit the bill!

Cost: Free

Added benefits: A drink or two and entertainment.

Clothes at the end: It is likely that someone will find your items valuable and you will find another treasure for yourself in return (you don't have to swap one for one as all clothes are handed in together so that you can browse and select from all items handed in). However, if any of your clothes are left over, you can take them home again or there will be the option to give the items to a local charity on the night.

Every great item of clothing has a story to tell. A jacket that’s trekked the himalayas, or a pair of shoes that have wanted to keep dancing when your feet just can’t any more. 

Join us for our first Sydney Swish and celebrate our love of quality clothing.

Bring along an item you’d be proud to pass onto someone else, and get another one completely free in return!

Drop your clothes off anytime between 6:30pm-7:00pm, grab a drink, check out the entertainment, and get ready for the Swish to start! Guys and gals welcome!