Thursday, 24 June 2010

Britain Bike Week 2010

I met with some fellow eco-friendly ex-Bristol Geographers on Sunday and we briefly discussed how easy it is to lose track of all these environment weeks and days! There is Earth Hour, Earth Week, Environment Week, the list goes on...but fear not my friends for the Eco Chic blog will keep you up to date and in order.

So this week, not only is it Recycle Week 2010, but it is also Bike Week 2010. This year should be a big one as Boris Johnson recently announced plans to introduce a cycle hire scheme across London and a large financial investment in improving cycling safety and feasibility for the capital.
On Sunday my Geography pals and I remarked at the new double-decker bicycle rack outside Waterloo Station- all sorts of wondrous things such as this are likely to be popping up now.
I particularly recommend the ‘Find Your Nearest Event’ Bike Week website feature as there are so many exciting things going on all across our beloved Britain including repair workshops, fantastic competitions, bike rides... Go Team Green!

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