Sunday, 15 August 2010

10:10 Lighter Later Campaign

Eugenie Harvey, who is the founding director of We Are What We Do, whom I interviewed for my final year dissertation and who gave me a week’s work experience at the WAWWD offices in 2009, is now the Director of 10:10!

Here is a lovely video in which she explains the current 10:10 lighter later campaign. The campaign is lobbying the government to switch to GMT+1 in the winter, literally making it ‘lighter, later’. This has several large benefits including reduced road accidents, but the main ones that 10:10 are promoting are the large reduction in energy use and therefore carbon dioxide emissions that would ensue.

10:10 cannot reach its potential without kind donations. I have recently donated and also ordered a 10:10 (made of recycled jet plane) to spread the word, which arrived in the post yesterday- very easy to do and a fabulous way to help.

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