Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Get the LONDON look

Umm HELLO LONDON! I am loving you and your green offerings thus far. I have lived here in North London for nearly 2 weeks now and have met many eco-friendly people and organisations already.

Here are just A FEW of the lovely people I have met thus far in Laandaan Taan:
Tom Randall and Adam Dawson, Directors of Sponge,, a sustainability network for planners, developers and professionals working in the built environment. They are both professional and passionate pioneers of sustainability and are my mentors in my current voluntary work with Sponge as well as more generally in my career in environmental sustainability. No doubt I will blog more about the work I am doing with them soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Earlier this week I met with Olivia Sprinkel, who besides having a fabulous name is just generally fabulous in the world of eco-communications, creativity and community living:

At an event yesterday evening I met self-confessed sustainability geek Mel Starr, who is a sustainability consultant and writes an absolutely fantastic blog about the work that she does:

So life is looking up whilst I am looking forward to carving out my green career here in London baby...

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