Saturday, 15 May 2010

Happy birthday Marion

May I just take a moment to think about my great friend Marion Corre-Labat (aka Mio). I met her aged 15 (she was 16) as we became French-English exchange buddies and have been friends ever since, sharing many great times together in both England and all over France.

On Monday 26th April 2010, she tragically passed away, suffering a heart attack whilst jogging on the beach as the sun was going down on L’Île De La Réunion. Today was her birthday and she would have been 24 years old. She had such a great love for her family and friends and was truly inspiring in her energy for life- she always said ‘quand on veut, on peut!’

On La Réunion, she was working for a renewable energy company called l'ARER (Agence Régionale de l'Energie de La Réunion) ) pour l'avenir durable de notre planète.

A true eco-chic with gorgeous green eyes and a lust for life, Mio- you will stay in my heart and memory forever...

Grosses bisous. Miss you sweety xxx


  1. I just found this post while searching info about Marion. Nice hommage!
    I took advantage of my visit to read a few other articles and I think i'll keep on reading this blog ;)
    A friend of Marion

    1. Hi Youenn, thanks for the very nice message! We are raising money in Marion's memory if you are interested:
      Best, Rosie