Friday, 21 May 2010

My brand spanking new job!

Yesterday I successfully completed the training and selection day to become a recycling advisor for Resource Futures on behalf of Westminster City Council:

The job will involve knocking on people’s doors in Westminster and asking them a series of questions about their recycling as well as giving them advice and I start today at 2pm, going on for 9 weeks! This ‘canvassing’ method of communication is proven to work at encouraging people to recycle more and in the correct way.

It will also help gather data to help improve the recycling service, for example Westminster currently recycles plastic bottles but not mixed plastics like yoghurt pots, but if there is a lot of resident feedback about wanting mixed plastic recycling then the Council can look into it. There is going to be a big push for reducing and reusing materials as well, because recycling should happen after that. I am interested and excited to learn at the ground level about what affects people’s environmentally sustainable behaviour, by asking them myself!

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