Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dr. Martin Blake

Sadly my time as a recycling advisor has come to an end, but on a lighter note I learnt a lot from it and now have a new full-time position as a Consultant at the sustainable development recruitment agency, Amida. My first week has been a busy and exciting mix of learning the ropes of the business whilst really getting stuck into my roles on the Global Corporate Sustainability side.

The business is fast-growing so I was not the only ‘newby’ and was made to feel very welcome in the Old Street office. Highlights included working with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI) to help find relevant people to fill some of their vacancies, as well as having lunch with the Head of Sustainability for the Royal Mail, Martin Blake. Fantastic green things are going down in the Royal Mail including a new ‘Sustainable Mail’ and greening of the transportation fleet. This got me thinking- a great way to tackle UK carbon emissions is by greening the largest employers and emitters in terms of the service, transport, buildings and employee behaviour, and Martin is doing all of the above as well as running his own business: Carbon Zero Solutions.

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