Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nectarine-shaped confessions

This week I threw out 4 out of 6 nectarines- it has been a hot week and I have learnt that soft fruits need to be kept in air tight containers in the fridge to last. It was 6 for £1 on the vegetable stall so the financial incentive encouraged me to buy more, but next time I should really stop and think ‘do I really need that many for the couple of days?’

Other than that the meal planning worked in the sense that I was aware what was in the fridge or cupboard and needed eating. I did not stick rigidly to the plan as several meal locations were altered: it was my first week in a new job so we ate out twice for lunch, I had a friend for dinner and we also ate at hers one evening instead. Instead of broccoli and bacon pasta, I made a batch of broccoli and stilton soup to last a while with some to eat now, some in the fridge and some in the freezer. All in all, meal planning is a good way of keeping track of your food purchasing and a trend I would like to continue in the name of Love Food Hate Waste!

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