Thursday, 15 July 2010

Transition Highbury AGM

On the evening of Thursday 8th July 2010 I raced from the Amida office at 6.30pm to the delightful, relaxing and summery place that is Olden Garden in Highbury. I wanted to attend the (very first) Transition Highbury AGM to find out more about what they are doing and how I might be able to get involved and I was not disappointed. After a tasty refreshment of elderflower cordial, vegan rhubarb cake and plums, we sat outside in a circle among the trees and flowers to hear what the group has achieved in its first year.

With financial help from places such as the Islington Grassroots Environmental Initiatives Fund, Transition Highbury has held a big open day in Highbury Fields, has helped in the opening of an ecology centre, opened a library of eco-books and films, held 16 film nights, countless meetings (aptly named ‘Transition Tuesdays’) and ‘green drinks’, produced a timeline for the next ten years, began successful community allotments and started their Energy Descent Plan...phew!
We split into groups (energy, events, skills-sharing, food) to talk about how Transition Highbury can organically grow and develop from now into the future. It was a lovely evening as I met some interesting people, was impressed by the groups’ achievements and inspired by their outlook, so much so that I am attending a ‘transition training’ week end at the end of July.

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